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Culture Changes at Bayou Vista Community Care Center. 
It’s about the journey.

When we mention culture change, most people are not sure what we are talking about. So, we’ve decided to make everyone aware of the culture change movement that is happening in nursing facilities across the country and how it makes life better for our residents.



“Within our households, I constantly hear terms like ‘outrageous,’ ‘passion,’ ‘energy,’ ‘spirit,’ ‘attitude,’ and other exciting descriptions characterizing how our household teams celebrate our adaptation to culture change in our facility. But the most repeated word of all is ‘fun.’… Who would have ever believed?”

Brian Martin,
Market Manager



“We are on a journey committed to culture change, and we are making great strides in that direction. Everyone – staff and residents alike – is on board, working diligently to create a more home-like environment to live and work in.”

Mary Courtney,
Assessment Nurse,
Natchitoches Community Care Center


We should mention this is not a government-mandated directive. This is something that is being done voluntarily in facilities that care about the well-being and comfort of their residents.

A non-profit corporation, CommCare, Bayou Vista’s owner, is leading the charge. Embracing the culture change model means providing resident-centered care, as opposed to a traditional task-oriented system. The focus is now back on the resident, providing a feeling of being home again. This means that, whenever possible and with safety and well-being at the forefront, we do things at the convenience of the resident.

We encourage your loved one to let us know what time they wish to wake up, go to sleep and have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additionally, we provide “Demand Dining”, which enables a resident to choose from vast menu of items that are served, when requested, alongside our regularly scheduled meals of the day.

We want to know our residents’ likes and dislikes and the types of activities and meals that suit them best. Bayou Vista is their home and we are here to serve them.

If you have any questions about the many positive aspects culture change, please contact our administrative or marketing office at (318) 346-2080. The marketing director can be reached directly at (318) 446-5391.

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